Domuschola International School - Learning Support

Special Educational Needs (SEN) Program

At Domuschola, we celebrate individual differences and view each one as a useful and productive member of society. As an IB World School, we provide support for students with special educational needs and their teachers.

Mainstreaming and inclusion are components of Domuschola’s Learning Support Program. Mainstreaming requires that the Child with  Special Needs (CSN) meet certain admission/eligibility criteria set by the school. A Shadow Teacher may be necessary for some children  who are under this program.

Inclusion is placement in the regular school based solely on the child’s chronological age. The development of an Individualized Education Plan is integral to this program.

Submission of all recent evaluation conducted by specialists including progress reports from therapists is required for record keeping,  planning, and monitoring purposes.The child is admitted to the program based on the results of a comprehensive evaluation by a specialist (Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician or Clinical Psychologist).

Every child who is part of the program should meet the following conditions:

  • Regular provisions for home-school support and intervention.
  • Instruction and assessment are based  on the regular school program. The child progresses based on state- mandated progression.
  • Appropriate discipline measures are implemented that will ensure a safe and conducive learning environment for all.
  • Annual meetings with specialists, which includes teachers, parents, and therapists.
  • Parents’ regular attendance of parent-teacher conferences, school-wide curriculum events, and team conferences.
We believe we are the right partner for your child's education.