Domuschola International School - Re-Enrollment & Withdrawal

Re-enrollment & Withdrawal

Re-enrollment Policy
Re-enrollment Policy

All students enrolled in Domuschola will receive a letter of reservation before the end of the school year to reserve their slot for the next school year. Receipt of a Letter of Reservation is no guarantee that the student will move up to the next grade level. Students who do not meet grade level expectations may be retained.

Domuschola reserves the right to refuse or cancel the reservation should a student, parent, or guardian fail to remain in good standing. The school reserves the right to release a student’s slot to new students should there be no deposit received by the deadline stated on the Letter of Reservation.

As stated in the Domuschola School Fees and Payment Schedule, the reservation fee is non-refundable and non-transferable but it credited to the last tuition payment. If a student subsequently withdraws from Domuschola before the tuition fee is paid, the reservation fee paid is forfeited.

As part of the re-enrollment requirement, students must complete the following:

  • Returning Student Information Form
  • Student Health and Medical Information Form
  • Student Guidance Form
  • Fetchers’ Reference Form
  • Car Sticker Application Form
  • Vision Test Form
  • School Supplies and Instructional Resources
  • Parent Involvement Involvement Form
  • Uniform Order Form

For Foreign students, a photocopy of the student visa/ dependent visa and ACR card should be submitted.

Withdrawal Policy
Withdrawal Policy

Parents of students who are not returning or withdrawing from Domuschola should inform the Admissions and registrar office. Parents will be required to submit the Withdrawal Form to Admissions Team. Upon receipt of the withdrawal form, a copy will be forwarded to Finance for appropriate action. The student will be required to initiate clearance procedures by having his/ her Student Clearance Form signed by the respective teachers and departments indicated in the Form. All outstanding balances must be settled at the Cashier’s office as part of the clearance requirements. Refund of the Capital Development Fee (CDF) will be processed after completion of the Student Clearance Form.

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