Domuschola International School - School Fees

School Fees

School Year 2021 - 2022

The tuition fee is payable in advance for the whole year or per semester.  Tuition is due one month prior to the first day of school or upon enrollment.  For semestral payments, payment is due one month prior to the first day of each term.  Tuition may be paid via wire transfer or direct deposit to school accounts or via cheque. Cash payments are discouraged.

Local and Foreign Students
1st Sem / 2nd Sem
P 176,700.00
P 88,350.00 / P 93,750.00
P 176,700.00
P 88,350.00 / P 93,750.00
P 224,000.00
P 112,000.00 / P 118,750.00
Grade 1 - 5
P 257,000.00
P 128,500.00 / P 136,000.00
Grade 6 - 10
P 273,000.00
P 136,500.00 / P 144,500.00
Grade 11 - 12
P 382,300.00
P 191,150.00 / P 202,000.00

Additional Fees for New Students

Matriculation Fee

Local & Foreign Students - P 50,000.00

One-time, non-refundable from Nursery to Secondary payable upon enrollment.

Capital Development Fee (CDF)

Php100,000 - The CDF is a one-time fee payable upon enrollment. No interest will accrue on the CDF. The CDF is refundable once the child withdraws or graduates from Domuschola. CDF refund will be processed 45 days from the date of formal withdrawal and upon completion of school clearance.

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